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Radiance is the flame of me, so I Reveal this Glow to Another” • • • I am Jacqueline JW (“Gifted”) My background is in Human Resources, strategically managing companies valued assets. I love to write and recite poetry (my original creations). I am a child of God and attend worship at First Baptist Church of Cumminsville, where I am a member of the choir and community outreach coordinator. My Artistic creations started about 10 years ago while listening to a friend recite poetry at a local Jazz Club. I was inspired to design, so I started writing and performing locally. Soon I was asked to be apart of hosting a poetry vibe, known as Spokenword Soul. With my poetry I hope to one day touch the minds of others and give someone a reason to SOAR. My motto is: Give someone a smile today, for they might just give you one back and make your day.

Gifted ~ by the light of my tongue and the words I speak.

A Favorite quote: You educate a man…you educate a man! You educate a Woman, you educate a Generation (B. Young)


Jacque @ The Pointe

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